For women who have wandered off the career path
they KNOW to be true for them - the way back is to


(and it’s not what you thinK)


Become professionally wild!

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Are You Ready
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You never see an elephant or a fox saying, “What should I DO with my life?” But for most women, it’s a frustrating obsession. What if you could just KNOW? 

Girrrrl, YOU CAN! And in fact, you already DO. Hi, I’m Melanie Munir - mama, entrepreneur, former middle school principal, and founder of Professional Wild Woman. Since 2012, I’ve been helping hundreds of women who are miserable in their work hop off the carousel of indecision and perfectionism and get back on track with what they REALLY want to do (even if they don’t exactly know what that is at first.)

The good news is you don’t have to learn anything new - it’s all about returning to the natural state of wildness and inner knowing which you were born into. You already have all you need! I’m just here to help you find your way back.


Types of Women
I Help


the career switcher

  • You may have had some success in your work life, but are no longer fulfilled by it. You’ve outgrown it. Evolved past it. You’re ready for more.

  • You dream of doing something new, more meaningful and reflective of the woman you are today - maybe even working for yourself??

  • But you’re afraid of leaving the security of what you know, choosing the wrong next thing, or messing up your career.


The New Mama

  • Motherhood, as beautiful as it is, threw a hell of a wrench in your career.

  • Now you want to keep being an awesome mom but also access the other parts of yourself and have something that’s just your own - a space for your ideas and your brilliance to shine.

  • But you struggle with mommy guilt and how to balance it all - work, family, home, self. . . how can it all fit?


Is One of these You?


The "next Stage" woman

  • You might be nearing retirement or facing an empty nest (or both!) and you still have so much more to give.

  • You want to step intentionally into your best-is-yet-to-come third act and really make the most of it. Maybe even retire early, or start a whole new career?

  • But you need help figuring out what to do now - with your time, money, and lifetime of accumulated wisdom and skills!


I came to Melanie feeling trapped and consumed by my teaching career, feeling out of balance, with no time to really explore and enjoy life outside of summer vacations.  I had the hunch that I could grow and contribute so much more if I retired early and did something else - but what? And how?

Through our work together, I discovered that I wanted to help women through their births. I made a plan to retire early, started a new chapter of life, and am now fully, delightfully self-employed as a birth and postpartum doula! I am happier, more content, and more in love with my life as it is right now, even still en route.

Ana Hernandez, certified birth and postpartum doula

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