Welcome to Professional Wild Woman, where it is my personal mission to help women like you become the women they’ve been DYING to be!

That means stepping back from the over-domesticated lives we’ve been conditioned into by our patriarchal culture and having the audacity to live instead according to the wisdom of our inner wild woman.

That means putting your stake in the ground and saying  revolutionary things like

“I MATTER” and



Because you do. And you are. No matter your race, sexuality, size, level of physical able-ness, socio-economic status, or amount of privilege, you, wild woman, are allowed to want a full, beautiful life that includes meaningful, inspiring work. You are not only allowed to want it, you deserve to have it.

Yes, YOU.

Here’s the deal. I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a life you don’t want - even if you once thought you did.

I did all the “right” things. Checked all the right boxes. I got a BA, an MA, a husband, and a big girl job as a Middle School Principal - all by the age of 27.

The problem was, they weren’t the right things for ME.

I said yes to each of them out of some twisted combination of obligation, guilt, compromise, and low self worth. I wasn’t aware of that at the time, though, of course. I thought I was just “being an adult.” It took me getting really sick to realize that I was not being true to myself.

I got so sick that my stress-induced nighttime teeth-grinding turned into TMJ, which eventually locked my jaw completely shut - as in, drinking my meals through a straw shut. And that my gut developed an auto-immune disease that had me visiting the bathroom up to 10 times before leaving for work in the morning.

My body forced me to reckon with what my mind didn’t want to face - I was WAY off my path.

After some serious soul-searching, I left my 80-hour-a-week job, my abusive husband, and my entire life on the east coast. At age 30 I set out on a cross-country adventure with no destination in mind, no idea when my money would run out, and no idea what my next career step would be. I only knew I couldn’t keep doing THAT.

The blog I kept along the way blew up, and soon some of my blog readers asked to become my clients. I didn’t ever intend to start a coaching business - I was just trying to help out a few people on the side until I figured out my next big thing.

Until I realized THIS was my next big thing.

Two years later I had a full-scale coaching business where I was earning more than I ever earned in my school admin job. I was enjoying a full private practice, running year-long group programs, leading weekend retreats, and giving workshops both online and all over the California coast.

I felt plugged into something electrical and way beyond me. I was amazed at what came through me during each session and blown away by the very tangible changes my clients were experiencing. I still am.

This isn’t just feel good hocus pocus. It’s some real shit, y’all.

These days I share my time between my fulfilling work, my very-much-right-for-me husband, and my beautiful little boys, all on the breathtaking northern coast of California. I’m pretty freaking happy, to tell you the truth. So happy that I need to keep raising my ceiling for how happy I will allow myself to be so I can let more in.


I still struggle, of course. I always will. It’s part of the human experience. But since I made the decision live according to the wisdom of my inner wild woman - since I prioritized my own wildness above all else - I now have the tools to navigate those struggles. I just don’t get as far off my path as I used to. I can’t. It’s no longer possible.

How do we do this work, then?

You see, in order to get you want,
you first have to get really, really clear about what that is.

I find this is usually the first hurdle my clients face because they’ve been conditioned their whole lives not to ask for too much, not to aim too high, not to be too loud, too visible, too opinionated, too whatever. So they don’t even let themselves access the part of themselves that holds the wisdom of what they truly want (their inner wildness.) It just doesn’t feel safe to go there.

I get it, and that’s where I come in.

Even if you think you don’t know what you want, I guarantee YOU DO. It’s simply stored in a part of you that you don’t usually access.

It is my honest to god belief that when you become professionally wild - as in, when you make being wild your profession above all else - all of those things you’ve been secretly wanting and yearning for become possible.

I thought I just got lucky when I watched it happen in my own life. But now I’ve been doing this work for five years and I’ve seen it happen with hundreds and hundreds of women from all over the world, of all races and backgrounds. I am 100% convinced that if you are willing to show up for this work, it can happen for you, too.

You truly can have the life and work you desire.

You can become the woman you’ve been DYING to be.

You can start today.