Mamapreneur Business Incubator

held at Luma Yoga in Santa Cruz, California

(Or if you live somewhere else ---> other ways to work with me.)

MOTHERING and ENTREPRENEURSHIP go hand in hand. Both require exceptional creativity, patience, dedication, and vision. Both are deeply MEANINGFUL and REWARDING work. Plus, you get the awesome FLEXIBILITY that comes with being your own boss while raising a family!  

THE PROBLEM IS, both mothering and entrepreneurship can also be lonely, frustrating, and thankless if done in isolation.


Yet, the MOM SUPPORT GROUPS are filled with stay-at-home moms or work-outside-the-home moms who are great to have as friends, but don’t really understand your business-building world.

And the BUSINESS COACHING GROUPS are super expensive and not at all tailored to support family life.

Enter. . .

The Mamapreneur Business Incubator!


What it is:

  • A committed group of women who are growing both humans and businesses at the same time, meeting regularly to receive TOOLS and SUPPORT from an experienced coach, and enjoying SISTERHOOD and ACCOUNTABILITY from others who truly understand their world.


What it isn’t:

  • A casual, drop-in support group for moms. There are already many great options for that in Santa Cruz.

  • An over-priced, under-delivered business mastermind that won’t actually make sense for your family-focused life.

  • A place to gossip or compete with each other. Our sisters’ success is our success, and we are committed to lifting each other up with compassion and mutual, intersectionally-feminist celebration.



Who it’s for

This group IS for you if:

  • You are a mother or expectant mother who lives in or near Santa Cruz, CA

  • You have a service-based business or would like to start one.

  • You want to grow your business within a community of other brilliant mamapreneurs.

  • You want more time to work on your work while your kids are happily cared for.


This group is NOT for you if:

  • You do not living within driving distance of downtown Santa Cruz.

  • You are happy with how everything is going in your business. No real challenges or desire for growth at this point.

  • You have a retail or MLM business. (Both great options and we wish you much success! But our group is more appropriate for service-based businesses.)


We welcome mothers of all races, backgrounds, religions, sexual identities, citizenship statuses, and level of physical able-ness. Discrimination, hate speech, and micro-aggressions will absolutely not be tolerated and will be addressed directly. We are committed to using our power and privilege not only to further our own work goals but to contribute to the ending of destructive systems of oppression that keep us from all moving forward together.

When we meet

>>> Mondays from 1:45-3:45pm at Luma Yoga in Santa Cruz, CA


>>> Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30pm, also at Luma Yoga

(Please note: The Monday section DOES include childcare, and the Wednesday section DOES NOT. When registering, you get to choose which of the two sections you’d like to join. You join one section, not both.)


The first hour:


Each mama has a chance to share what’s up with her work that week - what’s going well, what’s hard, and what she could use support with from me or the group. Then we spend some time doing group coaching for whomever needs it that week, and we end with everyone sharing what they will hold themselves accountable to do between now and the following week - whether it’s an action or simply to REST.


The second hour:


We harness the inspiration and motivation while we’re in it, bust out our laptops, and spread out around the studio, lounge, and private wellness rooms to actually get some work done. Sometimes this looks like quiet, personal work. Sometimes it looks like brainstorming in small groups on a similar topic. And sometimes it looks like having a mini-conference with me to get some laser coaching support.


The whole two hours: CHILDCARE!!

And here’s my favorite part. . . childcare is available for the entire two hours, at no additional cost to you! (For kiddos between 6 months and 6 years old, in the MONDAY section only.)



This is an ongoing group and you may re-enroll as many times as you’d like over the course of your mamapreneur journey. However, to ensure group stability, quality, and cohesiveness, we ask that you commit to and pay for 3 months at a time.

There are three “trimester” enrollment periods per year:

  1. Winter: January through March

  2. Spring: April through June

  3. Fall: September through November



We are currently taking applications for the Winter 2019 trimester!

>>> There are only a few spots left! <<<


The investment

Let's talk money!

I know that as a mom, your time and money are more precious than ever. I also know that, while investing in your growing business is a non-negotiable part of its growth, it's still a scary thing to do at first. 

Which is why I've partnered with Luma Yoga to be able to offer this group at a MUCH more affordable price tag than anything I've offered before. (My previous, year-long program was $10,000 - and it was worth it! Over half of the participants made their investment back within two years by using the tools they learned in the program.) 


What you get

>>> Each 3-month trimester of the Mamapreneur Business Incubator includes:

  • 12 group coaching meetings ----------------------------------------------------------------- valued at $1200

  • 12 coworking hours ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ valued at $275

(Nextspace’s 3-day pass is $50/mo, Cruzio’s 5-day pass is $80/mo, & neither has childcare)

  • Free childcare for every 2-hour meeting (Monday section only) ---------------------- valued at $360

  • 1 hour-long private coaching session with Melanie -------------------------------------- valued at $250

>>> So the combined TOTAL VALUE of each element of the incubator is ------------------------ $2,085

But your ACTUAL INVESTMENT is just: $850!



HALF OFF additional private coaching sessions with Melanie for the entire time you’re in the incubator! (So $125 instead of the usual $250/hr.)

Hear what participants have to say:


Without the Mamapreneur Business Incubator, I would still be struggling with perfectionistic tendencies and generally treading water mentally. But being in this group has enabled me to take bold action - including actually starting my business, getting several new clients, joining an artist's collective, and delivering my first (sold out) workshop! I'm doing it. I'm a businesswoman!

- Kendra Dosenbach, All Hands Workshops


I honestly can’t believe how much I have accomplished in this group. In just the first six weeks, I launched the business I have been talking about wanting to start for YEARS, finished my website, and got my first recurring client! But most importantly, I discovered that I get to run my business however I want to. With the support of Melanie and the group, I let go of the expectations that were holding me back and let myself design a business that I truly love and that works for my life as a mom. It was so refreshing to have a place where I'm known as ME, not just as my kids' mom. I feel like a whole different person than before I started!

Grace Wong St. Clair, Big Bite Bakeshop


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you are much more likely to reach your business goals within a community of support and accountability than staring at your computer screen at home by yourself.

Join us!