Hey lady, I know you...

You are beginning to suspect that there is more to your life than what you’ve got going on right now. In fact, you can feel it...

That’s why you’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert books, watching Marie Forleo TV, subscribing to the Dear Sugar podcast, and catching Super Soul Sunday every week. It’s this feeling gnawing at you that deep inside there is a woman you’ve been DYING to become. Maybe it’s some version of a woman you once were, or maybe it’s a woman you’ve always imagined you could be.

The woman who knows what she wants and gets it.
The woman who doesn’t spend years trying to make a decision, but instead acts swiftly, decisively, and effectively.
The woman who doesn’t get hooked in others’ expectations and society’s obligations, but listens instead to her own, wise voice.
The woman who rises above the siren call of perfectionism and allows an evolving, imperfect process to carry her forward.
The woman who is brave enough to be scared, and DO IT ANYWAY.


You might even have something brewing, a specific dream,
for example:

  • To move to a new town - a place more aligned with your values, with more stuff that you love and less stuff that you don’t.

  • To return to your biz after becoming a mother, but in a new way... creating a flexible flow between the various parts of your life that honors both your awesome kids and your amazing intellect. (Hello, you are a still a person!)

  • To stop taking clients through your boss and start taking them for yourself, on your own terms, with unlimited creative freedom, and without all the workplace drama.

  • To switch career paths altogether, leaving the I.T. job to finally launch that homemade beauty product company you’ve always talked about.

  • To stop producing income altogether and - god forbid - allow your partner to support you while you birth your next big thing (and yes, still be a feminist.)

  • To retire early and discover what brilliance is left to be discovered in your the-best-is-yet-to-come third act.


But you are afraid, understandably!

What about money?
What will your parents/partner/co-workers/friends think?
What if it’s a dumb idea and never gets off the ground?
What if it’s a great idea but you’re not disciplined enough to follow through?
What if you do follow through but aren’t happy with the result?


These are the kinds of questions I see holding women like you back all the time. If you could just see a little further down the path. . . just know that everything was going to work out alright, it would feel a little safer taking that first step. If there wasn’t just so much damned uncertainty. . .

But no matter how much you meditate or go to yoga or journal, you can’t seem to make the hesitation go away or access the confidence you need to move forward. What’s worse is that YOU’RE the kind of gal all your friends come to for advice, so why can’t you get the same clarity for yourself?

The good news is that all it takes to get to that place is to tap into your INNER WILD WOMAN. And no, I’m not talking about Coachella or flower crowns.


I’m talking about getting in touch with the version of yourself that just knows. The wild part. The wise part. The part that doesn’t need anyone else’s approval.


When you live and work from your inner wild woman, you always know what to do next. You feel good about each step and you run on instinct, clarity, and joy INSTEAD of fear, uncertainty and scarcity.

I call her your inner wild woman because you are getting in touch with the type of instinctual wisdom you see in nature, or heck….even in your own house.

Your baby doesn’t consider what they are going to do next, they just do it….they feel it because they are still wild and haven’t learned all of the rules of society that tame our wildness and keep us totally out of touch with our intuition.

Your dog doesn’t worry about “what he’s going to do with his life” or what his “life purpose” is, he just KNOWS.

That’s what I am here to help you do. You are going to get in touch with your inner wildness and KNOW, in your gut, the right path for you in a way you never have before.


Enter, the "Know Your Next" Mentorship Program!

a 6 month experience designed to help you hop off the carousel of indecision and step confidently onto your path of clarity, direction, and calm.


You might not think that being out of touch with your inner wild woman is doing much damage in your life, but I’m sure you’ve felt the effects. Things like…..

Spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a degree that you will never end up actually using because you never got around to figuring out what your heart really wanted, or you let fear and obligation lead the way. Oops.
Losing yourself in a relationship that went on way too long, and then feeling totally embarrassed about the time you wasted with someone you knew wasn’t right for you.
Buying a product or course with the intention of starting your “next big thing,” but losing steam before even really getting started.
Living with pain, illness, or insomnia --- it’s always something, isn’t it? All because you’re stressed and inflamed and your body is paying the price.
Snapping at your partner and yelling at your kids (even though you’re “not that kind of mom”) because you’re walking around in a perpetual state of overwhelm.
Watching your work performance slide slowly into the toilet as you care less and less about this job that you once hoped would feel so right.
Putting others’ needs before yours AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN because it’s easier to use your kids as an excuse instead of launching your own damn dream.
Looking at that paycheck each month wondering how much more money you could make if you really let yourself try. (People always assume they’ll make less money by doing work they love, but I’ve seen many clients actually make MORE!)

I don’t say this to scare you, just to share with you how not being in touch with the woman you really want to be is having on your life. It matters. But I think you know that already, or you wouldn’t still be reading.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to seek it out or have a guru point it out to you. You don’t have to spend a few weeks in the forest or spend 30k on some immersion program. It’s all inside you. I’m just here to help you bring it out. Because once your inner wild woman is out, she’s yours forever.

I know what you are thinking:

This sounds good but is it possible for ME? How do I know things will actually change?

You’ll change because you will learn how to make good choices for yourself. You will gain the confidence to know (at the risk of sounding like a makeup commercial) that you’re worth it. I have a 6th sense for this stuff, and I will call out your bullshit for you. I’ll be able to tell what is holding you back, and then guide you to identify what, exactly, it is that you want instead.

Even if you’re convinced that you don’t know. I promise. You do.

In fact during your free consultation - before we even start the coaching program - I guarantee you will become 100% clearer on what it is you truly want. Knowing that is half the battle! Then all you have to do is take small steps to get there, which, if you’re aligned with “the flow of the Tao,” (aka, what wants to happen), should be relatively easy.

You will know where you’re going. You will know how to get there. No more wondering. No more thinking about it, talking about it endlessly to anyone who will listen, staying awake at night worrying and wondering. You will be On. Your. Way



Here’s how it works:

  • We work together for six months.

  • During that six months, you get my UNLIMITED, UNDIVIDED attention. Meaning, there is no limit to the number of coaching sessions you can schedule or the number of issues you want to tackle together. Yes, you read that right.

  • Sessions are laser focused at just 15 minutes each. This ensures that you only have one thing to focus on at a time. You leave the call inspired and focused, not overwhelmed and exhausted. Also, 15 minute sessions are super easy for busy women like you to schedule!

  • Here’s the kicker: You MUST finish the homework assignment from your previous session before scheduling the next one. This GUARANTEES progress!


This is different than other coaching programs you’ve done because I’m not here to fix anything for you or tell you the “five magic steps to unlock your true potential.” The truth is that I don’t actually know what you should do next.


But YOU do.

It’s my job to create a space where you can find your way back to your own wisdom. There’s no trick to sell. I’m not a guru that you need to follow. There are no secrets. It’s simply connecting you back to what you already know and then building the structures to live that way all the time.

My goal is to make you SO good at knowing yourself that you won’t NEED me anymore...OR ANYONE ELSE.

This is different than talking to your partner or mom or best friend because all of those people have a vested interest in what you decide. I am an impartial, uninvolved, objective listener, and I do this for hundreds of women each year, so my perspective is, quite frankly, pretty bomb.


In order to give you this support, I’ve designed the offering unlike anything you’ve seen before.


This offer includes unlimited coaching because after years of doing this work I’ve seen how, depending on where you are on the path, sometimes you need a lot of support and sometimes you need just a little. Rather than asking you to bend your natural process into the shape of my program, I’d rather have a program that honors your natural process. It’s all about flexibility, flow, and for pete's sake, fun!

The agreement that you can only schedule your sessions AFTER you do your homework not only ensures that you are taking action BUT ALSO that you actually benefit from the coaching. So many people sign up for coaching and after months see absolutely NO RESULTS. It’s easy to sit back and just talk to someone about your problems and never actually get around to doing something about them.

That doesn’t happen with my style of coaching.

You have access to me anytime you need help for six months (within reason of course because hey, I’m a mama, too! But don’t worry, I’m hella good with boundaries.) You HAVE to make a change. It’s built into the offer.


Ok, let’s review.

You get:

  • Six months of unlimited, laser, 15-minute coaching sessions. As many as you need, for as many issues as your hamster-wheel mind can drum up. Bring your sadness. Bring your fear. Bring your anger. Bring your ideas. Bring your enthusiasm. Bring it all!

You learn:

  • How to know yourself again.

  • How to trust yourself.

  • How to envision what YOU really want - without all the noise of other people’s opinions and society’s ideas about who you are.

  • How to take concrete, practical action steps towards that vision.

And once you know this - I mean really KNOW this with your inner knowing - you have it forever.

Because I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but once you’ve had the realization that you’re not living as the woman you truly want to be - once you’ve awoken your inner wild woman - there’s no going back. She will keep inviting you, enticing you, seducing you with what else is possible.

You might think you can carry on the way things are and a year from now they will still be the same, but I’m here to tell you that things never stay the same.

They get worse or they get better.

And now that you’ve admitted to yourself that you’re capable of so much more, your satisfaction with your current work and way of life will diminish at an increasing pace.

For example, some women come to me at the beginning of their “awakening,” ready to get on the path to realizing their dream. In this case, we can save them thousands of dollars and even more time and energy that might have been wasted spinning their wheels and investing in degrees or programs or travel in an attempt to still the ever-growing yearning in their heart.

But sometimes they wait years and years until something forces them to take action - like getting fired, divorced or sick.

As an old mentor of mine used to say, “Yes, maybe we all have to hit rock bottom before we’re willing to change, but how high can you make your bottom?”

So it’s up to you. How badly do you want this? How long are you willing to wait? How much are you willing to sacrifice before putting yourself and your dreams as a priority?

Let’s start now.


*** Your Investment is $3,000 for six months of UNLIMITED Coaching ***


If you are ready to get clarity on the next step in your work life, fill out an application for a free, 30-minute consultation. I only take two new clients per month, so don't delay!

Get started on the path to living the life you've been dying live TODAY.


Check out these results:

-Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling-Wild Woman 2016 finals-1008.jpg

I had the structure of what a happy life is supposed to be like: a husband, a successful business, a community, and a house. But it had been years since I had truly lived a genuine, happy and authentic life.

With Melanie’s support, I was able to distill down what was truly important. I compassionately finalized my divorce, started living unapologetically as a bisexual, queer and polyamorous woman, interviewed for and landed my dream job, moved to a city I am in love with, and am doing the work I truly believe I was born to do!

In short, Melanie helped me transition my worldview from living in scarcity and “not enough” to one of abundance. She helped me unapologetically ask for exactly what I want my life to look like and call in the right ingredients to create it.

Kathleen Lee,

Fertility Acupuncturist


I came to Melanie for support getting my business back on track after having my first baby. I LOVED becoming a mother, but I worried that the momentum I had lost on maternity leave would be too difficult to regain. Melanie helped me bring my whole self to my work in a way that I had never been able do before, while still having time to be a mother AND tend to myself. I learned to articulate what I do clearly and to stand in my value, which brought in many more clients and new opportunities that continue to grow even today.

Beyond her incredibly sharp skills as a coach, Melanie brings something essential to her empowerment work: the generosity of heart and total commitment to support other women's success.  Melanie has a kind of solidarity that cuts across all divides, and that is why she has all my trust.

Magali Morales,

Spiritual Counselor, Astrologer, and Shamanic Practitioner


Prior to starting this "Wild Woman" journey, I felt trapped, anxious and scared about which direction to take my life. Since working with Melanie, I quit my job and now take clients only on my own terms! I have more independence, freedom, time and flexibility than ever before. I have learned how to create effective strategies for personal accountability, decision making, and communicating my truth with the world. I now enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, feel more confident, and experience a deeper sense of connectedness to my life purpose.

Jessica Mead,

Speech Language Pathologist



This sounds awesome and like exactly what I need, but I just can’t afford it right now. Do you have any lower-priced services?

The short answer is yes, I do occasionally offer things like challenges, group programs, online classes, etc., and they all require a lower investment than the “Know Your Next” Mentorship. Make sure you sign up for the Professional Wild Woman newsletter to know when those opportunities come up!

But if THIS is the program that’s calling to you, if you were nodding your head through everything you just read, if by this point down the page your heart is leaping out of your chest screaming, “Yes! I’m ready to know my next step! Please help me!” and the only thing standing between you and saying yes is the price tag, well, here’s what I have to say about that. . .

Have you ever wanted something really badly - like a trip to Europe, or an amazing camera, or an adorable new car - and even though you didn’t think you could afford it, somehow you moved things around or saved up and made it happen?

Or have you ever felt so busy that you couldn’t imagine fitting one more thing into your schedule, and then a family member becomes seriously ill and all of a sudden your priorities change and you find the time to show up for them?

Well what if YOU were the one who was seriously ill, except not in your body, but in your soul? What if your current work was exacting a toxic price on your mental and emotional wellbeing? Would you find the time to prioritize making a change? Would you find the money to get the necessary support?

When something matters enough, we find the time. We find the money. We make it happen.

But only YOU know whether this work matters enough to you, and whether now is the right time. Here’s a good test. . .

Picture yourself a year from now. Your life and work are exactly the same. You’re still doing what you’ve been doing, with no end in sight. How does that make you feel? For me, I’m thrilled! But for most of my clients, they say they feel ill just thinking about it. That’s a problem. A big problem.

Finally, I would be remiss if I ended without acknowledging that in our unequal society, some people are born with quite a bit more privilege than others. As a white, straight, cisgendered woman, I know I have been given unfair advantages, and that sucks. If you are someone who has had more obstacles in your path because of your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, size, or any other demographic factor beyond your control, I see you. I honor your struggle. I know you have had to work harder and for that I am so sorry.

AND, I still say that we make the time and money for what matters most to us. If this work is calling to you, I believe in you. I believe you have the power to find a way to make it work - whatever that means in your world.


What if 15 minutes is not long enough for our sessions?

I chose this length because I noticed that even in my 60-minute sessions, my client and I would usually get to the heart of the matter within the first 15 minutes. Then the rest of the session would be about addressing more issues, and sometimes the client would even leave a little “over-full” with things to think about.

With 15 minutes, we can focus on just one issue at a time and you can have a chance to put it into practice before we talk again, ensuring that the change turns into tangible action.

That said, occasionally we will get into an issue that feels like it would benefit from additional time. In that case, if both our schedules permit, I’m happy to stay on the phone longer until we reach a sense of completion. I’m not watching the clock as much as I am interested in supporting you to get the greatest insights possible within the most efficient amount of time.


But what if I’d still rather just have 60-minute sessions? Or what if I’d rather meet in person?

While I believe in the power of the “unlimited laser sessions” model, I also understand that some women just prefer the more traditional, hour-long sessions. In that case, you can choose the package that includes 10, 60-minute sessions over the 6 months.

And if you live in Santa Cruz, yes, you have the option to hold these longer sessions in person. I rent a wellness room at the Luma Yoga and Family Wellness Center in downtown Santa Cruz for these instances.